How to Deal With High-Card Poker Hands

Poker is a card game that involves two distinct pairs of cards and a fifth card. The highest pair wins. In the event of a tie, the second highest pair wins. However, a high card can break a tie. This rule applies when no one has a pair of cards or when multiple players have high hands of the same kind.

High-card hands

Poker high-card hands can be frustrating, especially if you don’t know how to handle them. Thankfully, there are tactics to help you minimize the impact of these high-card hands. These poker hands are based on the highest ranking combination of cards in the hand. The best high-card poker hand is an ace-high, although other high-card combinations can still win the pot.

Starting hands

In a game of poker, starting hands can be very valuable. The best starting hands are those that give the player the best chance of hitting a flush or straight. The best starting hands for these situations are the suited connectors such as the AK-QJ, KQ, QJ, JT, T9, and KJ. These hands are known to offer high chances of opening up a straight flush draw and giving the player up to fifteen outs. They are also often good when the pot is not yet raised.

Betting phases

Throughout the course of a game of poker, players will go through different betting phases. Some will stay in a hand until they have a strong hand, while others will call every bet until they have a pair. In either case, knowing how to behave during different betting phases will help you increase your profits.

Starting positions

In poker, starting positions are grouped into three categories: early position, middle position, and late position. Players in each of these positions use different preflop strategies. However, starting positions aren’t hard-and-fast rules; there are different interpretations of them among different players.


Aces in poker play differently than other cards. They may be considered a high or a low card, depending on the poker variation. A pair of aces beats a pair of Kings. However, a pair of aces doesn’t beat a pair of queens, kings, or jacks. Aces can also form the low end of a straight, which loses to any higher straight. For example, a pair of A2345 loses to a straight flush with 34567, while an ace-to-five straight beats a pair of aces and a pair of queens.


Kings in poker have several nicknames. Some people refer to them as Ace Magnets, while others call them King Kong. The reason they are so often called Ace Magnets is because the King often draws an ace on the flop. Because of their strong card combination, they are considered a starting hand. They carry a significant pre-flop equity, as a pair of kings has at least 70 percent equity.


When playing a hand that includes Kings and Queens, it is important to play aggressively. This is to protect yourself from opponents with weaker hands and increase your chances of success post-flop.


One of the most frustrating hands in poker is jacks. This is because players struggle to adjust to post-flop situations and chase the big pot. However, in many situations, jacks can make a big difference.


If you’re looking for a simple poker game to play online, Tens or Better video poker may be for you. This game offers simplified rules and low house edges. While this game may not be as profitable as higher-ranked variations, it can be played with proper strategy. In this article, we’ll take a look at how the game works, hand rankings, and how to develop an optimal strategy.


Straights in poker are hands where the player has five consecutive cards. There are lower and higher straights. A single straight should be played carefully because it can easily be beaten by a flush or full house. It’s also important to be cautious if the straight is forming on the low side because it might be beaten by another player’s high card.